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We are super excited to introduce our newest edition
 of box assortments ... 
The Coastal Kids Snack Pack! 
This healthy kids box will include a fresh assortment of fruit, vegetables and organic dairy.
(vegan options are available) 

This box will nourish your child throughout the week with next to no effort! Just grab and go, it's all washed and ready to eat! No cooking necessary! This box is great for inspiring your kids to get excited about healthy food! Send a box that will be addressed and delivered to your child, grandchild or even a child that you know is in need. Send a box one time or every week, with a special note or anonymous, there is no obligation.

Coastal Kids Snack Pack                                         Coastal Kids Snack Pack Deluxe 

A sample box will include the following ...
(As shown above)
4 x Apples
1.50# Bananas
1# Grapes
1 Mango
3 Oranges
1 x 200g. L'Ancetre Organic Mild cheddar cheese
(The Vegan box option will include a cheddar cashew cheese locally made on the Sunshine Coast)
.50# Carrots
2 green veg (broccoli, celery, cucumber)

*The Deluxe will also include a bit more fruit and
 4 x Olympic 100g. Yogurt (2x vanilla, 1 x Strawberry and 1x Blueberry) 

**The Deluxe Vegan will include a bit more fruit and veg plus your choice of a 3oz. Pack of dried Mango OR a 4oz. Pack of dried cranberries. Please specify which one at checkout.

Everything will be pre washed and ready to eat!