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Welcome to your first step, towards a Healthier Future!

To keep it simple, we offer 3 sizes to choose from.
Sr. / Single  $25/weekly or bi-weekly
Small Family  $35/weekly or bi-weekly
Large Family $50/weekly or bi-weekly

The seasonal assortment changes a little bit every week to keep life exciting and inspire you to try new things. New recipes added weekly to help you meal plan with the produce you receive. We save you time and money, simply by purchasing food that is abundant and in season, therefore at a lower cost and the best quality. I personally go and pick up the produce, on the first boat, every Tuesday morning. I check everything for quality and often have to change things if they don't look perfect. This is why I can not confirm what you will be getting, in advance. It is then brought back to the coast, sorted into the bins by our amazing staff of quality control queens, loaded into 2 vehicles and delivered to you, by 6:00. 
 I pick up on Tuesdays because the fresh produce arrives throughout the day on Monday and we get it to you by Tuesday afternoon. You simply can not get fresher that that! Your food never sits around in a warehouse or in storage for any length of time. It is the freshest food available. 
We are happy to accommodate all dietary needs, allergies or simply any dislikes you may have. We will make substitutions for those things you do not wish to have, or that you are growing at home, in your own garden.
We want you to eat everything that comes to you.

How it works: 
Just let us know what size you want, how often you would like it and your home or office address.
We deliver every Tuesday between 1-5pm.
We currently deliver from Langdale to Madeira Park.

All orders are C.O.D.
You must pay by cash or cheque upon delivery,
Pay online using your CC, bank account and PayPal or
We also now accept e transfers to: coastalorganics@dccnet.com 

e-mail: coastalorganics@dccnet.com

Please note there is a $2 late fee on all missed payments!

Please mail late payments to:
Coastal Organics
3776 Sunshine Coast Hwy.
Roberts creek, V0N 2W1
All cancellations and changes are to be made by Sunday @ noon!